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Carmen Consoli
Volevo fare la rockstar Tour

Carmen Consoli vocals and guitar
Massimo Roccaforte guitars
Elena Guerriero piano
Concetta Sapienza clarinet
Adriano Murania violin
Emilia Belfiore violin
Marco Siniscalco bass
Antonio Marra drumkit

Opening the concert, Giovanni Toscano
performs his debut single

With Volevo fare la rockstar, Carmen Consoli has not only signed the album of her maturity, but also definitely acknowledged the coherent and fundamental eclecticism that has allowed her to preserve over the years an inspiration that stands out brightly on the Italian song scene. Nicknamed “the Cantantessa”, Consoli has always alternated a sincerely folk soul (see her dedications to the renowned Sicilian folk singer Rosa Balistreri, or her involvement in the 2016 “Night of Tarantula” music festival) with a genuine desire to challenge the rules of pop-rock music with her candy pink Fender Jaguar. Not surprisingly, her concert is in three parts: the first is centred on “dreams”, the underlying theme of her new album; the second veers towards a more rock repertoire, while the third proposes her own greatest hits.

The Programme

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