© Luca Concas

Tribute to Micha van Hoecke

Canto per un poeta innamorato. Dedicated to Micha

Miki Matsuse van Hoecke concept and direction
choreographies by Micha van Hoecke re-staged by Miki Matsuse

with the participation of Luciana Savignano and Manuel Paruccini
performers Rimi Cerloj, Viola Cecchini, Yoko Wakabayashi, Chiara Nicastro, Giorgia Massaro, Francesca De Lorenzi, Martina Cicognani, Marta Capaccioli, Gloria Dorliguzzo, Miki Matsuse
organo Davide Cavalli

costumes Manuela Monti
lights Marco Rabiti
video Davide Broccoli
music editing Studio BH

in collaboration with Armunia and Comune di Rosignano Marittimo

Canto per un poeta innamorato (Song for a Poet in Love), a segment of the project Tre baci per Micha (Three Kisses for Micha), stages a homage to van Hoecke, the international artist and polyglot of the scene that passed away on 7 August last. The Russian-Belgian choreographer was deeply in love with Italy—and reciprocated. So much so that he made it another homeland, with Ravenna as his second home. Three kisses on the cheeks were his usual greeting, which are said to express a desire to be remembered. And so it will be in this fresco of the visions and places of his art, created by Micha’s loving work and life partner, Miki Matsuse, with the support of his many friends and collaborators. In it, fragments from his famous creations, like La dernière danseor Le Voyage, will be combined with performances in his eclectic style, veiled with melancholic poetry.

The event will be streamed starting from 20 July at 9 pm on ravennafestival.live

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