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Vespers at San Vitale

Cantar sacro
The 20th century

Coro Polifonico “Ludus Vocalis” di Ravenna
Stefano Sintoni
Emilia Ferrari, Anna Rigotti sopranos
Cristina Bilotti organ

Domenico Bartolucci (1917-2013)
O Sacrum Convivium

Greca Maria Greco (1926-2006)
Angele Dei

Mario Lanaro (1957)
Ave Verum

Ola Gjeilo (1978)
Northern Lights

Arvo Pärt (1935)
Da Pacem Domine

John Rutter (1945)
Pie Jesu

Urmas Sisask (1960)
Heliseb Valjadel

Peter Reulein (1966)
Te Gloriosus

The path proposed by this concert stems from the meeting between the chorus Ludus Vocalis and Cardinal Domenico Bartolucci, and the subsequent reflection that issued, since the chorus absorbed the cardinal’s words on the value of the sacred genre, and on the need to preserve its vitality in the Church.
Starting from this, the journey will take us through the scarcely known but rich scene of sacred choral polyphonic music that spans the latter half of the 900s and reaches our days: a review of European and Italian composers (including one from Ravenna) passing through various compositional styles, ranging from the most traditional ones bound to past models to the most daring ones.
As the image takes shape in a mosaic, tessera after tessera, likewise the “cantar sacro” proposed here combines various styles and languages to create a single evening prayer.
With melodic parts, harmonic convergences and sound capable of carrying the listener to other spheres, focusing on a single goal, a single final outcome: deep feelings and the magnificence of God.

Full programme “Vespers at San Vitale”