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A veritable enfant prodige, 26-year-old Norwegian Aurora Aksnes, better known as Aurora, learned to play the piano at the age of six and wrote her first song in English at nine. She is the new standard-bearer for a generation of Scandi and Nordic artists (Björk, Sigur Rós, Múm, down to Likke Li) whose music features a unique, dreamy atmosphere and distinctive, ethereal vocals. Her debut album, All My Demons Greeting Me as a Friend, hit number one in Norway upon its release in 2016, and was followed by A Different Kind of Human (Step 2) (2019) and by her latest release, The Gods We Can Touch (2022), based on Greek mythology. Combining icy electronics, downtempo rhythms and a clear, emotional voice, her songs create a dark, compelling and captivating pop ambience.