© Martina Zanzani

At the Doors of the Dreams

conversation by Maurizio Bettini
with the participation of Elena Bucci

Divine messages, metaphors for obscurantism, symbols of life’s vanity, the disclosures of childhood traumas, utopias: different meanings have been associated to dreams. The theme of this year’s Festival is the focus of a special collaboration between Maurizio Bettini, Professor of Classical studies at the University of Siena and the author of A Journey to the Land of Dreams (2017), and actress Elena Bucci, the winner of the 2016 Duse Award. These exceptional guests will combine their knowledge, literary criticism and acting, thoughts and emotions, taking us on a journey into the mysterious, nocturnal portion of our psyche. After all, what is drama, if not the art of the dream par excellence? Fleeting, unrepeatable, and powerful: drama is what we dream when we are awake, a dream that stirs within us without asking for permission.

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