Writing Ground
coreografia Alonzo King
su antiche musiche della tradizione ebraica, cristiana, musulmana e del buddhismo tibetano

coreografia Alonzo King
musica Zakir Hussein

An admirer of Balanchine and a dancer with both Alvin Ailey and the American Ballet Theatre, Alonzo King has left his company a dual choreographic legacy. Since 1982, when the LINES Ballet Company was founded, King has been drawing up a binary language where neoclassical purity meets and merges in dizzy combinations with the fiery fluidity of Afro-American dance. What emerges is a visionary style, suitable for contemporary dancers, virtuosos endowed with a necessary dramatic quality. His vibrant work, Writing Ground (2010), inspired by the poems of Colum McCann, is an example of this, outlining intimate dancescapes, rituals of the soul set to sacred music.

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