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Autumn Trilogy
concept and curatorship of the project Cristina Mazzavillani Muti


opera in four acts
libretto by Antonio Ghislanzoni
from Auguste Mariette
music Giuseppe Verdi
Universal Music Publishing Ricordi srl, Milano

Aida Monika Falcon
Aida dancer Lara Viscuso
Amneris Ana Victória Pitts
Amneris dancer Lara Guidetti
Radames Azer Zada
Amonasro Serban Vasile
Ramfis Andrea Vittorio De Campo
Il Re d’Egitto Adriano Gramigni
Grande Sacerdotessa Maria Paola Di Carlo
Un messaggero Riccardo Rados
funeral lament Simge Büyükedes

conductor Nicola Paszkowski
direction Cristina Mazzavillani Muti
set and visual designer Ezio Antonelli
lighting designer Vincent Longuemare
video programmer Davide Broccoli
costumes Anna Biagiotti
costumes assistant 
Sofia Vannini
choreography Lara Guidetti

Orchestra Giovanile Luigi Cherubini
Coro Luigi Cherubini
Coro Lirico Marchigiano Vincenzo Bellini
choirmaster Antonio Greco

Danzactori Trilogia d’autunno
and Giovani Energie Creative

New production
Co-production Ravenna Festival, Teatro Alighieri di Ravenna

Three extraordinary women, three different styles, three unmistakable moments of a century: Bellini’s Norma (1831), the greatest example of the belcanto style, is followed by Verdi’s Aida (1871), the heart of XIX-century melodrama. Then, a mere four years later, the new atmosphere that had led Verdi to retreat into a long period of silence began to take shape with Bizet’s masterpiece, Carmen, whose irresistible drive anticipated the sentimental realism of Verismo. In an unexpected game of cross-references, Bellini’s nuances now penetrate Verdi’s score, which in its turn anticipates some future trends, bringing together three women who, carried by faith, love, and freedom, claimed their absolute right to choose a destiny of death.

The format of the Autumn Trilogy is now tried and tested, alternating three different operas on the same stage on consecutive nights. The theatrical machine assembles a scene and then pulls it apart, transforms it, renews it, playing with the inventiveness and creativity of an effective mix of young talents, experienced craftsmen and cutting-edge technology. Three original productions will bring three legendary opera characters to life: if the drama of Norma comes alive amid bulky and eloquent metaphysical symbols, surrounded by shadows and ghosts, the story of Aida is bathed in an evocative, magniloquent, ever-changing series of virtual images, while the tragedy of Carmen develops in a restless gloom slashed by blades of fleshy, bloody, deadly red light.

Act I: 40’
intermission 20’
Act II: 45’
intermission 20’
Act II:I 35’
intermission 25’
Act IV 35’
Total 3h 40’


1. Download the free app Lyri live from the App Store or Google Play
2. Once in the theatre, connect to the free WiFi “Lyri”
3. Launch the Lyri app and put in the following:
username: opera
password: opera

Tutorial lyri.it/tutorial
Support service info@lyri.it

Every evening during the Autumn Trilogy, a Lyri help desk will be at your disposal for information and support in the foyer of the Alighieri Theatre. 

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