A piedi nudi sulla terra
sound installation based on the text by the same name by Folco Terzani curated by Elio Germano

with the participation of
Ciro Montanari tabla
Sohini Mojumdar vocals
Sougata Roy Chowdhury sarod

production Pierfrancesco Pisani for Infinito Produzioni, Argot Produzioni
in collaboration with Ravenna Festival

Remove our shoes and reconnect to the earth—to find our place in the world, we need to proceed by subtraction. This is the essence of Folco Terzani’s book on the extraordinary life of the Italian Sadhu Baba Cesare. The book was first made into an audiobook narrated by Elio Germano, and then into the reconstruction of an evocative world of sound. Finally, it was turned into the present installation, which confidently carries the audience into another dimension. A temporary sanctuary, inspired by the Sadhu’s cave, will be set up in the park of the 18th-century Villa Masini, where visitors will be invited to gather around a sacred fire to watch and listen as the rites of the ashram are being officiated throughout the night, accompanied by live classical Indian music. As per tradition, chai and food will be offered in silence, and in total freedom from shoes and cell phones.