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A Filetta & Ensemble Conductus

A Filetta Ensemble
Jean-Claude Acquaviva, François Aragni, Petr’Antò Casta, Paul Giansily, Jean-Do Bianco, Maxime Vuillamier

Ensemble Conductus
Veronika Egger, Martin Schmidt violins
Ester Carturan viola
Leonardo Sapere cello
Silvio Gabardi double bass
violin and conduction Marcello Fera

Corsican polyphony, reinterpreted traditional music, and original compositions by Jean-Claude Acquaviva, Marcello Fera, Bruno Coulais

On the one hand are the strings of Ensemble Conductus, classically trained but always ready to open up to contemporary music and the unusual sounds of folk traditions. On the other hand is one of the leading Corsican groups performing traditional polyphony, A Filetta. Founded over forty years ago to contribute to the salvation of the Corsican oral heritage, the ensemble effortlessly crosses its boundaries towards such eclectic experiences like the theatre, dance, and the cinema. The traditional Corsican repertoire is integrated with instrumental parts by composer Marcello Fera, in a dialogue with the voices. In this performance, entirely new pieces by Fera are specifically intended for both ensembles, in a definitely irresistible mix.

The Programme