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Young Artists for Dante

Liceo Artistico “P.L. Nervi – G. Severini” Ravenna
21. La profezia di Dante

realizzato dagli studenti del Liceo Artistico “Nervi-Severini” di Ravenna
nell’ambito del progetto PON – FSE – 10862 – Inclusione sociale e lotta al disagio – “Artistica-mente”

a cura di
Sergio Monaldini regia
Enrico Roda scenografie e oggetti di scena
Paolo Taroni tutoraggio e organizzazione degli studenti

in collaborazione con Società Dante Alighieri

The pretext is Lord Byron’s stay in Ravenna, which allowed us to develop a peculiar theme: the Romantics’ view of Dante. Byron was in Ravenna in 1821, on the 500thanniversary of the great poet’s death. It was just a coincidence, and thus the themes of chance, the difference between chance and coincidence, and chance as the hidden driving force of human life (and life in general) are some of the core features in the dramatic development of the play. Furthermore, we must not forget that 1821 had far-reaching consequences for Italian revolutionary patriotism, and that in Byron’s Prophecy of Dante, the Supreme Poet foretells the fortunes of Italy in the ensuing centuries. A third major theme is Art and Art making, (a core issue for an Arts High School). By juxtaposing two distant views (the Medieval and the Romantic), the question arises whether it still makes sense to include in one single category the results of such different and often contrasting aesthetic visions.
The audience is confronted with a play where drama alternates with music and artistic performance. Scenes are designed to enhance the Cloisters’ architecture, and make use of symbolic elements that merge with it to form a harmonious background.

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