Beyond the Noise of Time
1917 – 2017 the Lesson of History

conversation between
Mons. Paolo Pezzi Archbishop of Moscow
Ol’ga Aleksandrovna Sedakova poet, translator, essayist, doctor of theology, professor of theology at the State University of Moscow
Aleksandr Filonenko philosopher and orthodox theologian, professor of culture theory, philosophy of science, and theology at the State University of Kharkov (Ukraine)

Russian poet Olga Sedakova – the heiress to great 20th-century Russian poets Osip Mandelstam, Anna Akhmatova, Velimir Khlebnikov and Joseph Brodsky, a reference in the panorama of contemporary Russian enlightened thought, and an esteemed researcher in the international academic arena – meets Ukrainian nuclear physicist Alexander Filonenko, a former model Soviet boy, educated in the Communist canon, who converted to Christianity after reading father Pavel Florensky’s letters from a Gulag camp. The two now team with His Grace the Right Reverend Paolo Pezzi, Catholic Bishop of Moscow, for a freewheeling dialogue where three strong personalities re-read History and guide us to a more informed understanding of our times and our possibilities for the future.