Autumn Trilogy: the Dance, the Music, the Word
a project by Cristina Mazzavillani Muti

by and with Sergei Polunin

“Poca favilla gran fiamma seconda” (“Great fire can follow a spark”, Paradiso I, 34)

world premiere, commissioned by Ravenna Festival

The life and the works of Dante have always been an inspiration for the Festival: in the year celebrating the 7th centenary of the Poet’s death in Ravenna, the Festival has commissioned a new work to pay him tribute: rebel ballet star Sergei Polunin has accepted the challenge of a three-part choreography divided into Inferno, Purgatorio, and Paradiso. Metànoia is a contemporary artist’s answer to a timeless masterpiece such as Dante’s Commedia: in Greek, metànoia means  conversion, transformation; in Jung’s psychology, it describes the spontaneous self-healing of the soul, the achievement of an equilibrium through a crisis. Dante and Polunin, both looking for a lost home, discover their paradise through art and creativity, because “poca favilla gran fiamma seconda” (Paradiso I, 34), a small spark can kindle the fire which lights up the world.