Saturday 1 dicembre, at 11 am, the Sala Corelli of the Alighieri Theatre hosts the concert of the choir Musica diSegni

An impossibile meeting that becomes possible and reveals an unexpected, and beautiful, side of music: Il Canto dei Segni (The Song of Signs) is a human, artistic, and cultural project based on the dialogue between Deaf People and Hearing People through music, an innovative approach that highlights and promotes everybody’s skills, overcoming communication barriers and prejudices. Strongly endorsed by Cristina Mazzavillani Muti and promoted by Ravenna Festival, the concert of the choir Musica diSegni is scheduled for Saturday, the 1st of December, 11 am in the Sala Corelli. So, while the Alighieri Theatre celebrates the extraordinary opera heritage with the Autumn Trilogy that ends the 29th edition of the Festival, this concert – featuring singers sisters Matilde and Celeste Pirazzini, LIS interpreter and choirmaster Lydia Josephine Noce, drummer Lorenzo Mercuriali – will make music visible, and not only audible; because, to make music together, it is enough to be joined by a common rhythm, that of our relationship with the others.

The LIS (Italian Sign Language, used by the Signing Deaf) features its own musical rhythm, made up of movements, values, pauses, pitches, dynamics, speed, slowness, accelerations, slowing downs…expressed with the manual elements (the Signs) and non-manual elements (body posture, facial expressions) which are typical of the Sign Language. In the light of this, it is possible to combine the singing of the Hearing musicians, the Pirazzini sisters, with the language of the choir Music diSegni, including Deaf People and Hearing students and ex-students of LIS teacher Marian Manea; together, they will draw and colour music in the air. “Being Deaf does not mean being unable to listen – the singers point out – but rather to express with and see through the emotions, in such a deep way that gets straight to the core. We will ask the audience to listen not only with their ears, but with their eyes as well, until they will ‘hear’ with their heart”. The programme features a journey of songs and stories touching on different places and cultures, from the traditions of the Romagna region to the pop hits.

Ticket 10 euro
The revenue and the donations will support the Social Cooperative Service & Work