Revolutions in Music
The masterpiece of Russian Futurism
Victory over the Sun

Opera in 2 acts and 6 scenes by Aleksei Kruchenykh
prologue Velimir Chlebnikov
music Mikhail Matyushin
set and costume design Kazimir Malevich

reconstruction of the opera produced by Stas Namin Theatre di Mosca
in collaboration with The Russian Museum of St. Petersburg (2013)
direction Andrey Rossinskiy
set and video Grigory Brodsky on drawings by Kazimir Malevich
musical interpretation and arrangements Aleksandr Slizunov
light designer Andrey Dudnik
choreography Ekaterina Goryacheva
first piano Alexandra Popova
second piano Anastasia Makushkina

(performed in Russian with Italian surtitles)

Italian premiere

Poet Aleksei Kruchenykh, composer Mikhail Matyushin, and painter Kazimir Malevich: three leading members of the Russian avant-garde met in Finland, in the far reaches of the Empire, in July 1913. As was customary in those fruitful times, a “manifesto” was born, announcing the creation of a mysterious opera called Victory Over the Sun, with a prologue written by Velimir Khlebnikov, the mentor of such poets as Mayakovsky. The opera, staged in St Petersburg in early December, was received with enthusiasm as well as indignation when the curtain got ripped to reveal the first of Malevich’s “Black Square” paintings, an early evidence of Suprematism. An opera whose absurd, dramatic and pathetic tones announced the annihilation of obsolete down-to-earth logic (i.e. the Sun), overtaken by a Future that could transcend the limits of human understanding.