E/Fanny & Alexander
Storia di un’amicizia
freely adapted from the tetralogy of The Brilliant Friend by Elena Ferrante, Edizioni E/O

concept Luigi De Angelis, Chiara Lagani and Fiorenza Menni
with Chiara Lagani and Fiorenza Menni
direction and sound project Luigi De Angelis
dramaturgy Chiara Lagani
sound design Tempo Reale

production Ravenna Festival, E/Fanny & Alexander, Napoli Teatro Festival

Fanny & Alexander revert to literature, and they do so tackling the most controversial of Italian novelists: Elena Ferrante, who has divided the audience into devoted fans and bitter detractors, triggering a real “Ferrante fever” at home and abroad. Her most famous novel, My brilliant friend, inaugurated a fortunate four-volume work about two friends, Elena and Lila; their friendship, almost the archetype of amicable relationship, is now recreated on stage by real-life friends Chiara Lagani and Fiorenza Menni. In this first theatrical adaptation of Ferrante’s work, the two actresses surrender to the original text and try to put together the pieces of their own stories, assembling a sort of mosaic from their “fragments” of narration.