Goran Bregović
From Sarajevo

Concert for three soloist violins, symphonic orchestra, and two voix bulgares
Goran Bregović & Wedding and Funeral Orchestra
Orchestra Arcangelo Corelli conductor Jacopo Rivani

violins Zeid Zouari (Tunisia), Mirjana Neskovic (Serbia), Gershon Leizerson (Israele)
vocals Ludmila Radkova Trajkova, Daniela Radkova-Aleksandrova

Italian premiere

“In his schedule, God did not plan to instruct us how to live together, so we will have to find a way ourselves.” This idea of coexistence was expressed by Goran Bregovich, born in Sarajevo, a city that was in turn ruled by the Romans, the Byzantines, the Ottomans, the Austro-Hungarians, the Yugoslavs and finally the Bosnians, inhabited by Jews, Muslims, Orthodox Christians and Catholics. Just a few hours’ drive from the Italian border, the “Jerusalem of Europe”, disputed and torn by wars throughout history, now inspires a concert for three solo violins and orchestra. Three different ways of playing the violin represent the three souls of Sarajevo: Western, Oriental and Klezmer, in a living musical proof of the fact that coexisting is possible, today more than ever.