in the Europe of the Mendicant Orders
Antonio, the Saint of Miracles
oratorio for voices and instruments

text Giampiero Pizzol
music Alessandro Spazzoli
voce recitante Luigi Dadina

in collaboration with
Liceo Artistico e Musicale “Antonio Canova”
and Istituto Musicale “Angelo Masini” di Forlì

world premiere
production Ravenna Festival

Saint Anthony of Padua, born in Lisbon on August 15, 1195, as Fernando Martins, was renowned in his days as the powerful preacher Antonio da Forlì, after the town where he had started his intense activity. He had changed his name into Anthony in homage to a holy abbot in September 1220, on joining the Franciscan order. His meeting with St Francis had a profound effect on him, and his short life—he died in Padua on June 13, 1231, at 36—was credited with so many miracles that he was canonized in less than a year. The story of St Anthony will be narrated by the young artists of the local institutes: their musical tribute will be hosted in the Abbey of San Mercuriale, whose famous bell tower has been watching over Forlì since 1180.